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Rogier Lommers

I am an experienced software architect / space tech lead, working for I develop and maintain backend systems with focus on high availability, performance, reliability and scalability.


bol.com2020-current: Space tech lead / Software architect

As a space tech lead, my focus is on the wide technical initiatives. I am responsible for leading and helping the product tech leads with the implementation of these initiatives. I am working on defining new horizontal (technical) initiatives across the whole organization.

  • Helping the product tech leads with the development and implementation of horizontal topics like SRE (site reliability engineering), API-developments etc.
  • Coaching the product tech leads in their role
  • Play an active role in the tech lead community and as such a connecting role between spaces
  • Together with the community I spot, define and help to start the next horizontal initiatives that will help grow
  • I advise and support the space MT on technical/engineering challenges
Presentations / podcast appearances:
  • 2022 | Club Cloud - moving 100+ teams and it's 1K+ applications to the cloud / 3 unforeseen challenges link
  • 2021 | Beyond Coding: moving from an on-premise solution to the cloud might be the biggest change an organization can go through, with regards to their tech landscape: link (direct youtube link)
  • 2021 | Techlab: a discussion about how to maximise the benefits of the cloud by using the horizontal pod autoscaler: Maximize cloud benefits
  • 2020 | CodeKlets podcast: Rogier Lommers en Kevin van den Broek over werken bij

bol.comSoftware architect 2015-2020

Software architect / cloud liaison. Helping multidisciplinary teams to get most out of the cloud (Google Cloud Platform). Keywords are application development, migration from own datacenter to GCP, (horizontal) autoscaling, cloud-component selection, kubernetes, educating the Go language, etc.

Presentations / podcast appearances: Highlights:
  • Lead of assets team. We are responsible for the complete flow of assets, from sourcing (external) to publishing. This includes image deduplication based on perceptual hashing, automated scoring, matching and high-volume rendering (both java/spring and Golang services).
  • Technical design and implementation of several micro services (image renderer, fetcher). This includes storage selection (both Google Cloud platform and own datacenter), provisioning, metrics, logging, etc.
  • Creator of open-source project which contains a hook for the Golang logrus package. This enables logging to a RELK stack (Redis, Elasticsearch, Logstash and Kibana). (
  • Hadoop-dumper project: an easy way to dump data from Golang applications to a hadoop cluster.
  • Creator of Miracle: distributed processing by colleagues. Thinking out-of-the-box, what to do when you need a lot of hardware for a short period? Making use of your colleages laptops. More info: techlab.

bol.com2011-2015: Software engineer

Software Engineer working on a variety of projects:
  • Connect supplier catalog files using Talend Data Integration and BigData edition. Responsible for the migration to a fully open-sourced license model. Setting up continuous integration, automated builds, etc.
  • Writing services for digital asset management, using Oracle AQ, java, spring, maven and REST.
  • Content Improvement: using scalability of Apache Hadoop to optimize product enrichment (map/reduce, pig and hive).

Ordina2008-2010: Integration consultant

Worked as an integration consultant on both internal and external projects.
  • (2008-2010) Philips: worked in a software development team with a primary focus to develop software for measuring NPS scores. Used stack
  • (2010-2011) worked as a business analist in translation functional needs to technical designs. We developed a generic framework which is used for daily content deliveries.

BI4U2007-2008: Writing master thesis

"A scientific approach to Operational Management". Improving business processes by using data mining techniques. Supervisor: Th.P. (Theo) van der Wide.

Edisoft2003: Internship

As part of my Bachelor degree I worked as an intern at Edisoft (a company in Lisbon) with two other students. Together, we developed a tool which enabled offline usage of content out of an Oracle database, including the sync-back mechanism. Used stack:
  • Oracle pl/sql
  • PHP
  • XML

VéBé2002-2004: Webdeveloper

Technical design and implementation of a content management system, written in PHP/mysql. I was responsible for development, maintenance, documentation and innovation of the CMS. I also gave a couple of workshops to a group of customers. Used stack:
  • PHP
  • MySQL

RCS1999-2002: Technical employer

I worked as a technical employer in assembling hardware, problem solving, customer contacts and sales. During that period, I developed an intranet application to support the daily business (optimised provisioning of new systems, collecting drivers, etc).

Information Science @ Radboud University Nijmegen2003-2007

Keywords: master, architecture, modelling, datastructures. Activities and societies:

  • Participated in a student exchange project with students from Uganda (University of Kampala)
  • Master thesis: A scientic approach to operational management; a case study with the purpose to be able to reason about an organization with the aim of improving the business processes by using data mining techniques
  • Several activities @ Thalia

Informatics @ Saxion Deventer2001-2003

Keywords: bachelor, architecture, modelling, data structures. Activities and societies: Hannover project.